10-minute Core Exercise Routine

Apr 2, 2021

Want to become a better runner or cyclist and you’re short on time? This 10-minute core body workout 3 times a week might be your fix.

There are so many good workout videos on YouTube you almost can’t go wrong. Here’s one we recommend from fitness expert Hector at Aztec Athletics. It’s 10 exercises in 10 minutes. Actually the exercises are only 45 seconds each and you get a nice 15 second rest (or time to do a quick stretch) in between each one. See the full video at the bottom of this post. Try scheduling this workout into your day 3 times a week and see what it a difference it can make. No special equipment is needed—just some floor space. You can even do this while watching TV in the evenings. Hopefully, this will get you in great shape for your next virtual running, cycling or walking challenge!

1. Floor Crunch – 45 seconds

Classic stomach crunches. Make sure you keep your hands loosely beside your head on the way up, rather than pulling your head up with your arms. Tighten your stomach muscles as you reach the top of the crunch. Don’t forget to breathe!

15 second rest/stretch

2. Butterfly kicks – 45 seconds

Slowly move your legs alternately up and down. If you feel yourself getting tired, move your hands under your butt, to give your lower back a little more leverage.

15 second rest/stretch

3. Bicycle crunch – 45 seconds

Similar to stomach crunches but twist your torso so your right elbow meets your left knee, then alternate with the other side. Tighten your abs as you complete each rep.

15 second rest/stretch

4. Crunch row – 45 seconds

Oh boy, these are tough. Try not to let your feet touch the floor through the whole exercise. Don’t feel bad if you can only do a couple. Within a couple weeks, you should make progress and be able to do more in a row.

15 second rest/stretch

5. Hip bridge – 45 seconds

A nice easy one to follow the tougher crunch row. If you want to challenge yourself, try doing a set with one leg (i.e. each leg separately).

15 second rest/stretch

6. Side plank (right) – 45 seconds

There are some variations of this one you could try, for example raising your free arm in the air and then curling it under you, between your torso and the floor.

15 second rest/stretch

7. Back extensions – 45 seconds

This is an important one to do right. Strengthening your back muscles is a key to avoiding back injuries, which if you’ve ever had them are no fun at all.

15 second rest/stretch

8. Side plank (left) – 45 seconds

Opposite of the 6th exercise. Try focusing on keeping your body a straight line all the way down your spine, through to your legs. Remember to breathe throughout.

15 second rest/stretch

9. Mountain climbers – 45 seconds

Gosh, these look harmless, don’t they? Well by the end of a 45-second session, you’ll feel like you just did a 400m sprint.

15 second rest/stretch

10. Plank – 45 seconds

And we finish it off with the old standby—the plank. Can you challenge yourself and hold it for a full minute?


10-minute core workout – full video

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