Check out our frequently asked questions to get you up to speed.

Can I use activities I completed prior to my event registration?

Yes — It is up to you to decide how many activities you wish to back date to. The sync function in our virtual platform will automatically pull in activities from the time you activate your EveryChallenge account, but you can manually input any prior activities you’ve completed before that date. Just go to your profile on EveryChallenge and look for the “Manual Entry” button.

Can I enter if I'm not based in the UK?

Yes — participants are welcome from any country worldwide. Prices will be shown in pounds sterling (GBP) but any major credit card will be able to convert to your equivalent local currency. Your medal will be shipped via international post direct to your door.

In general, international medal shipments will arrive in 2-3 weeks but please note some countries have longer delivery times. Please see our list of countries we ship to. Countries not on the list may have extended delays in receiving parcels.

Can I participate using a treadmill or stationary bike?

Yes — most fitness apps will have a setting for indoor activity, for example on Strava, simply select “Indoor Run” before your workout. Syncing these activities with our virtual event platform works exactly the same as syncing an outdoor activity. 

If your watch or app doesn’t measure indoor activities, simply note the time and distance from your treadmill or stationary bike and upload using the manual entry button on our event platform.

Do I have to complete the challenge distance in one go?

No. You can break the total distance into as many individual chunk as you require. You don’t need to be an accomplished long-distance runner or cyclist to participate. In fact, more frequent and shorter distances can be more conducive to good physical health.

I entered an activity incorrectly. Can I delete it and add it again?

Yes, simply log into EveryChallenge, and navigate to your profile at everychallenge.events.com/profile. Then click the “Activities” tab at the top, and then click “View” next to any activity you want to delete. From there, you’ll see a delete button in the upper right.

Just delete the activity and then upload it again with correct details.

To enter an activity manually, go to your Activities page and click the “Manual Entry” button in the upper right.


Can I participate in more than one challenge at a time?

Yes, however if you have connected a fitness app/device and are automatically syncing your activities, they will be applied to all events you have joined. You can prevent this by changing the setting in your profile: Got to your profile, click “Edit” in the upper right and de-select “Automatically post results to all your events”. This will require you to select which event the result will be posted to for each of your activities. This feature is for participants who want to prevent ‘double dipping’ of results.

If you’d prefer to avoid this happening completely, you can either disconnect your app/device and manually input your activities, or make sure to finish one challenge before starting another.

I've been busy and haven't been able to complete my challenge distance. Can I have more time?

Hey, life happens and we all get busy or get sick or injured and can’t complete as much distance as we expected sometimes.

Just get in touch with us at info@champvirtual.com and we should be able to offer you an extension to your allotted time. We want to get everyone over the finish line and deliver your medal to you.

How do I connect my fitness app to automatically upload my workouts?

Simply go to your profile on EveryChallenge (our virtual challenge platform) at everychallenge.events.com/profile.

Then scroll down to the “Connect with GPS apps” section and click the logo of your app to connect. You will usually need to log in with your app’s login ID and password in order to connect.

You can view helpful connection tips for each app.

When will I receive my medal?

Once we’ve verified your details, we aim to dispatch the medal within 3 working days. This means that UK recipients should receive their medals in about a week after finishing, and for international recipients it will usually take 2-3 weeks.

Can I complete the challenge using a combination of methods, such as running and walking?

Yes. You can use as many methods as you wish as long as they are allowed in the challenge rules. For example, you could cycle part of the challenge and then use a treadmill in the gym to complete the remaining miles. This is entirely your choice.

Do I have to travel to run the route you've mapped out?

No, and it’s recommended you don’t. For safety, please only run in your local area and observe all local safety guidelines, including Covid social distancing guidelines.

When you upload your activities, your progress will be visible on our virtual map, even though you participated closer to your home.

Can I receive my medal early?

We understand sometimes you want to wear the medal as soon as you finish the challenge or you want to give the medal as a gift, so just email us if you want to receive your medal early. We trust all participants to finish the distance according to the challenge rules.

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