Trees Not Tees

Help create a forest by trading your medal for a tree planting to help the environment

About TNT

For some, a medal is a novelty and something to treasure, but for others who may have earned many medals in their athletic career, they would rather a better option. Trees Not Tees gives our challenge participants the option of planting a tree rather than getting a medal.

What’s wrong with t-shirts and medals?

We’re in a climate crisis. The environmental cost of making a t-shirt is huge. It takes the same amount of water that a person drinks in 2.5 years to make a single cotton t-shirt, plus over 2kg of CO2. If it’s never even worn, all of those precious resources were spent for nothing.

Conversely, the environmental benefit of planting a tree is huge. It helps us fight against climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, it provides a home for a diverse range of species, and it gives us clean air to breathe.

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How it works

  1. When you register for a Champ virtual challenge, you’ll be given the option to add a tree planting instead of (or in addition to) your medal. Simply select your preference.
  2. We then send a list of all challenge participants who opted for a tree planting to Trees Not Tees, along with a payment equivalent to what it would have cost to produce your medal or t-shirt.
  3. Trees Not Tees then plants your sapling and emails you a personalised tree certificate, including a photo of your sapling, and the location.