British Invasion Run Walk Cycle Challenge

British Invasion Virtual Challenge

Limited Edition Medal – £12.99 NOW £5

British Invasion Run Walk Cycle Challenge

Commemorate the rock music era of the Sixties that changed the face of music forever. Join our virtual challenge. Run, walk or cycle between 25 and 100 miles within 30 days and get this limited edition medal.

Run for Beer Medal

Run for Beer

Limited Edition Medal – £12.50 Now £5

Run for Beer Medal

Run, walk or cycle 100km (62 miles) along our virtual course on the US Great Lakes to brewing town Milwaukee. Finish within 2 months of registering to get this limited-edition bottle opener medal. Also includes a downloadable bib, finisher’s certificate and access to our virtual event portal where you can earn digital badges and track your progress on the course map.

UK shipping £1.95 | International Shipping £5.95 – 6.95

Cake Dash 5K

Cake Dash 5K

Limited Edition Medal – £12.99 Now £5

Cake Dash 5K
This takes the cake! Run or walk or cycle 5km any time within 2 months of registering to get this fabulous cake shaped medal. Indoor activities also count (treadmill, stairclimber etc). Then grab that cake — you’ve earned it!

UK shipping £1.95 | International  Shipping £5.95 – £6.95

Why do a virtual challenge?

Participate locally

Where you want, when you want

No need to travel to an event site in your nearest big city. You can participate just by lacing up your shoes and stepping out your front door. Don’t forget to start your sports tracking app!

Social distancing

Stay safe

Social distancing is easy when it’s virtual. Just observe your local Covid safe guidance. Don’t forget you can share your run in our virtual community when you finish to keep that community spirit!

Go at your pace

Go at your pace

You don’t need to be an accomplished athlete to join in. Break the challenge into manageable segments and we will add them all together for you. Challenge yourself, but do it your way.

One-of-a-kind Medals

One-of-a-kind medals

Only Champ Virtual Events offers top-quality, uniquely designed medals like this. Our showpiece medals will be something you want to prominently display at home and share that selfie online.

Join the community

Join the community

We know it can be hard to get motivated and moving, so we’ve incorporated social sharing into our platform to connect with other participants, and a private Facebook group to share stories.

What’s a Virtual Challenge?

Run, walk or cycle when you want, where you want. Just record your distance covered whichever way you prefer: smartphone app, or just your watch. You can sync your app to upload your efforts automatically or you can log in and enter your time manually. We will add your distances together. When you finish, we ship your exclusive medal to you!

Woman running virtual challenge

Virtual Challenge Platform

Through our virtual platform partner EveryChallenge, we are with you every step of your challenge with interactive maps, social media integration and ways to interact with your co-participants along the way.

Sodisp - sync with fitness apps

Sync your app
Track your run, walk or cycle with any number of popular apps and they will automatically sync with the platform. No app? No problem, just manually upload your activities.

EveryChallenge Map

View your progress
See how far you’ve come on the virtual challenge map, where you can also track other participants and encourage each other along the way!

Unlock virtual achievements

Earn badges along the way
Get added motivation along your journey by collecting uniquely designed Champ virtual badges at various milestones. 

Live leaderboards

Compare your results
See where you stand compared to other challenge participants. Get your friends involved and motivate each other!

Man running with phone, middle aged

Join the Community

Get access to the Champ Virtual Events Community on Facebook to share your running, walking and cycling achievements with other people like you who are committed to getting fit and earning medals like you.

Virtual Challenge Tips

Not sure how to get started? Need some guidance to get you to that next level? Don’t worry—Champ has you covered with some easy to understand tips on getting out there and tracking your run, walk or cycle so you get to the finish line with no trouble.

How to recover and rest between training activities

How to recover and rest between training activities

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Tips for Running in Hot Weather

Tips for Running in Hot Weather

Depending on where you live, warm weather may already be on the way. Can you continue your training and challenge participation in the heat? With a little preparation—yes, you can!At Champ Virtual...

Asian woman running virtual challenge