About us

Who we are and what we stand for (and run for).

What is Champ Virtual Events?

Champ inspires people of all ages and ability levels improve physical activity frequency through a community-minded virtual platform.

Our Mission

Motivate participants of all abilities to improve their health with world-class medals and a supportive community while reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to worthy causes.

Virtually Connected

Champ has established a community of people just like you who enjoy getting active and connecting with others. Champ participants are made up of walkers, runners, cyclists, rowers and more — from the very young to the young at heart, and from your local area to around the globe.

Our Values

The Champ Way

Eco friendly

Protect the environment

We are committed to lightening our carbon footprint by incorporating tree planting with every event entry. With our partnership with Trees Not Tees, we can offer a tree planting instead of a medal or if you prefer, a tree planting in addition to a medal.

Social media - champ

Power of community

One of the main reasons people participate is to connect with others who share the same interests. So Champ believes in establishing a community where participants can connect with each other both during the event and beyond.

Go at your pace

Fitness for all

We believe access to fitness opportunities can be opened up to a broader range of participants through virtual. Champ is committed to inclusive policies and maintaining access to challenges regardless of age, ability or experience.

10% of profits to Charity

Give back

Champ Virtual Events is committed to offering 10% of profits to charity. In addition, we encourage participants to set up their own fundraising pages for their challenges as their efforts may inspire others to give as well.

What’s your story?

Don’t be bashful! Share your activity on the our social media channels and see how supportive the Champ community can be!